Dominion (card game)

''Dominion'' is a deck-building card game created by Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games. Each player uses a separate deck of cards and draws their hands from their own decks, not those of others. Players use the cards in their hands to perform actions or buy cards from a common pool of card stacks. The player with the most victory points wins. The game has a medieval theme with card names referencing pre-industrial, monarchical, and feudal social structures.

Comparisons about the game's feel are often drawn with collectible card games such as ''Magic: The Gathering''. Vaccarino, however, denies that ''Magic'' was the inspiration. Unlike ''Magic'' players, ''Dominion'' players build decks ''ad hoc'' during the game rather than coming to the table with a pre-made deck. ''Dominion'' was the first game of its kind but has spawned a genre of similar games dubbed "deck-building games" (and retroactively applied as a descriptor to this game).

When ''Dominions'' was released at Spiel 2008 in Essen, Germany in multiple languages, it was voted "best game of the fair" by the ''Fairplay'' polls. The next year it won the Spiel des Jahres and Deutscher Spiele Preis awards. It was one of five winning games in American Mensa's 2009 MindGame competition.

''Dominion's'' success has led to multiple expansions. By 2016, more than 2.5 million copies of ''Dominion'' and its expansions had been sold worldwide. As of March 2020, expansions were still being published, contributing to its ''Magic''-like feel, since ''Magic'' also regularly releases expansion sets. Provided by Wikipedia
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